2014 Sabbatical…

In 2014 I will be taking a sabbatical to tune up some skills and knowledge and to make some shop improvements. This may be good news for me, but perhaps not so much for our faithful participants whom I will miss profoundly. I do not have any big reason for this break, just lots of small good ones.

The sabbatical is only for the next season, and I already have the beginnings of a roster of classes for 2015.

SO, mark your calendars for October 11, 2014! That is the send-date for the next schedule of classes. You will receive an advance email reminding you of the date.

If you are not on our list and want to be notified for the 2015 schedule you can subscribe on our contact/waitlist.  I will send out one notification email to all who are on the list.

 I will be in the shop much of the time in 2014, so please feel free to arrange a visit if you can.


 Happy Woodworking!

Kelly & Teri Mehler