Participant Information Spice Chest




Tool List For Spice Chest

In addition to a basic set of tools (chisels, block plane, screwdrivers, hammer, dovetail saw, combination square, dead blow mallet, etc.) ….


  • X-acto knives with extra blades  #11
  • A decent compass and a set of dividers.
  • Cabinet scraper with a file for sharpening it.
  • If you have trouble focusing on very small objects, purchase a set of reading glasses or an Optivisor.  Much of our work will be detailed.
  • Palm chisels if you have them. – Don’t buy them if you don’t.




Inlay Essentials….

  • #2cut Three-square Swiss pattern needle file –   #60236924  ( I usually have these to sell for around $15 which will save you the shipping cost.
  • Swiss made gouge #2-10 or #3-10 or equivalent for cleaning corners. SwissMade, available from Woodcraft has a nice #3 palm chisel that works well.
  • A slicing gauge to cut stringing.  Most major tool suppliers sell a slicing gauge.  Lie-Nielsen offers the slicing gauge that I designed.  A Master Airscrew Balsa stripper is very inexpensive alternative that works well.
  • Automotive feeler gauge – strap type.  We are using this to back stringing when bending it.  If you wish to buy a .003 feeler strip or thin brass shim stock, that will work just fine.
  • If you have a burn-in knife for touching up shellac, please bring it.  As a substitute, Jo-Ann Fabrics sell a Clover mini-iron for about $29.  I will be bringing irons that we can share so hold off if you do not have one.




Tools for inlay by hand….

  • Lie-Nielsen radius inlay cutter.  IN-RC and 3” extensions IN-RC-EXT.  Purchasing this tool will save a great deal of workshop time.  (required)
  • My complete set of inlay tools is available from Lie-Nielsen.  Although they would simplify the process for doing inlay by hand, if you are experimenting with inlay, I suggest you hold off buying the complete set.  There will be plenty of tools to share.



Modern Tooling:

  • Dremel rotary tool with a router base.  Any fixed or variable speed dremel unit that spins at 35,000 rpm should work.  Do not get a cordless version – not enough power.  Do not get a Foredom flex-shaft – not enough rpm’s.
  • Router base #5260 from  This is an excellent tool that is very well made.  Do not buy the dremel router base.  It defines “garbage.”
  • Two small 1” c-clamps to secure a fence to the router base if you bring one.
  • Although it is not necessary, I would recommend purchasing the Deadman Foot Switch # 1301 available at  This is a good switch selling for about half the price I’ve seen it elsewhere.
  • I will have the 1/32 endmills for inlay available for use and sale.  Do not buy the bits from Stew-Mac.  They are a great company but last time I checked, they were more than twice my price.



I intend to cover both hand and dremel inlay techniques because has experience has shown me that most folks enjoy both methods and their many related applications. Although most of my inlay is done by hand, I regularly use the dremel and stew-mac router base.  It is a versatile combination with many applications other than traditional inlay.



If any of the above seem costly and you are not sure if this type of ornamentation will become a regular part of your work, hold off on purchasing and we can share.  I have seen too many instances where great amounts of money were spent on tools that were never used again.






I would not be in a hurry to rough in your drawer fronts.  It would be great to have a nice combination of matched boards, crotches or perhaps even veneered fronts. We can discss this in class.

Oversized Dimensions for Spice Chest (Thicknesses are accurate)  
Component Quantity RoughDimen Final Dimen Notes
Sides 2 3/4 x 9 1/4 x 16 3/4 x 9 x 15 13/16 Walnut
Top 1 3/4  x 9 1/4 x 14 3/4 x 9 x 13 1/4 Walnut
Bottom 1 3/4  x 9 1/4 x 14 3/4 x 9 x 13 1/4 walnut
False Top 1 1/2  x 9 1/4 x 14 vif walnut
dividers 6 1/4  x 8 x 15 vif poplar with 1″ walnut facing
Crown 1 1 1/2  x  3  x  24 vif  walnut – we can make 4/4 work for this if need be
Base 2 7/8  x  4  x  24 vif walnut
Feet 2 1/2  x  3  x  24 vif walnut
Stiles 2 3/4  x  4  x 14 vif walnut — straight grain
Rails 2 3/4  x  4  x  14 vif walnut — straight grain
Panel 1 3/8 x 11  x  12 vif walnut – figure would be fine
Wide Fronts 1  1/2 x 4  x 16 vif figured walnut
Narrow Fronts 4 1/2  x 2 1/2  x  16 vif figured walnut
Narrow sides 8 1/4  x  2 1/4 x 20 vif poplar
Wide Side 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 20 vif poplar
Bottoms 6 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 13 vif poplar
Back – slatted
Slats 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 16 vif Ash – size depends upon style
cleats 2 1/2  x  1/2  x 13 vif ash
For this class to run smoothly, please have your lumber to the above dimensions.  Valuable time will
be wasted trying to catch up if you are not at this point.(vif = verify in the field)


Small Spice Chest Hardware Options
lock 1 lock #4 $80
 OR  lock (option 2) 1 Lock #9 ~$35
hinges 1pr H-10 ~$33
knobs 11 K-1 $6.20 ea.
wire escutcheon 1 talk to Nancy ~$6
Ball and Ball
Lock 1 TCB-011 Left ~ $20
hinges 1pr. H204-010 ~ $12
knobs 11 G19-144 or G17-133 ~$4ea
wire escutcheon 1 L67-008 ~$5ea
Lee Valley
Lock 1 00P30.21 ~$28
Hinges 1pr. 01D30.30 ~$14
Knobs 11 00A39.01 $2.5 ea.
wire escutcheon 1 00A03.01 ~$4