Participant Information Intermediate Carving





Tools, materials and participant information for Intermediate Carving with Mary May


Tools and equipment will be determined according to the projects you choose to work on. Please discuss with Mary before class as to whether templates are needed or if specific tools are required. This class is about you and what you want to learn!


Fingerless gloves (option)


5 or 6mm v-chisel

#3, 6mm

#3, 14mm

#4, 12mm

#5, 6mm

#7, 12mm

#8, 10mm

#11, 3mm

And any other carving gouges you have.

If budget allows, fishtail shaped gouges are preferred.

Bring any other carving gouges you have.

The tools above can vary Рthis is just a general set of gouges. If you have questions whether some can be substituted, please contact me -email: