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The suggested size of the drop leaf table is approximately 28" tall, and 36” square including the 2 leaves with potential for variation in dimensions.  Included is a drawing that includes a drawer that may be left off. Additionally we will make tapered rather than turned legs. As in most plans the dimensions of the piece and the parts will be approximate. We will build the table to suit our needs and materials


Including waste, the desk requires about 35 board feet of 4/4 material and about six board feet of 8/4 for the four legs. You can bring your own wood or I have wood on hand. We have the typical domestic species but not a large inventory so please let me know your wishes.


Before choosing your wood, it is very helpful to look at the drawing or a sketch of your table. There is no need to worry about the construction details; we work those out in class. From the drawing, make up a parts list with names and approximate dimensions. If you are choosing wood, look for wood that is suitable for the parts of your project rather than focusing on the quantity of wood.



Dovetail saw

Cutting gauge…cuts across the grain  (A “wheel”  [disc] marking gauge works best.)

Dovetail marking gauge or sliding bevel (for the drawer folks)

2 in. to 3 in. steel square (adjustable is nice)

6" rule

12” Combination Square – a 6” is also handy to have

Tape measure (shorter is better)

Dead blow hammer (14+ oz.) – Not a rubber mallet

Sharp bevel edge chisel set

Pencils and paper for note taking

*Safety equipment: safety glasses, dust mask, hearing protection




I will have a variety of tools on hand if you need them.  We also offer a 15% discount on Lie-Nielsen Tools.  They will drop ship directly to your door! 



Call or email me with any questions on tools, materials, or design and check the web site for any updates.


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