Chair Class with Peter Galbert


Please Bring:

* Drawknife- an old one is fine if it is tuned up. Barr Tools has a good one that comes sharp. It is his chair-makers drawknife # DKCB

* Spoke shave

* Scorp- Barr Tools makes a good one called the Mike Dunbar style scorp

* Bevel square

* Combination square

* Dead blow hammer

* Scraper - curved and card

* Poster Board for patterns

* Pencils, Notebook and Camera


Optional: (don't feel like you need to run out and buy these)

* Marking gauge - not one with a wheel

* Hand Plane (#3-#6)

* Hand saw, preferably a Japanese Ryoba

* Folding rule with extension

* Work gloves

* Travisher- try Pete will have some extras

* 6 degree reamer- you can make your own or get one from Pete will also have some extras.

* Bevel boss (plastic version is fine)

* Protractor- a plastic one will do

* Large flat carving gouge

* Small carving gouge or veiner for carving the 1/4" + or - gutter in the seat (11/7 Sweep is good)

* Quick action clamps

* Cordless Drill




Barr Tools:


Highland Woodworking Bodger line of turning tools:

Note: If you choose to take both the Turning & Tuning and the Sack Back Armchair classes, the total materials fee will be $165 (not $265) because you will use the turnings from the first class to build the chair in the second.

Questions: If you have any questions about buying tools for this course please contact Pete at or (978) 464-2956

A fully catered lunch is served every day and drinks and snacks are provided all day. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs. It is a good idea to make your lodging reservations well in advance.


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks extends a 10% discount to our students. Please contact Lie-Nielsen for more details.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email Kelly

(859) 986-5540