Tools & Materials for Turning for Furniture with Nick Cook

All turning materials will be supplied - the $85 materials fee is payable directly to Nick, please bring a check with you.


All of the turning tools that are necessary for the class will be on hand. If you wish to buy your own turning tools any or all of the following 5 tools are the important ones for the class.
• Roughing Gouge 1 1/4"
• Skew Chisel 1 1/4"
• Parting Tool 1/8"
• Spindle Gouge 1/2"
• Bowl Gouge Deep fluted 3/8"
Nick says that the brands to look for are Crown, Henry Taylor or his favorite Sorby (the most expensive of course.) A quick search on the net will "turn" up many choices.

Other materials:
• Face Shield - Optional
• Dust Masks

Nice to have but not necessary:

• 1/4" Spindle gouge
• 1/2" Skew
• 1/2" or 3/4" Spindle Master
• Large round end scraper
• 1/4" Deep fluted bowl gouge
• Powerlock or Velcro sanding mandrel
• Hollowing tools
• Diamond lap or oil stone
• Super glue
• Variable speed drill

High Speed Steel (HSS) turning tools are recommended but not absolutely necessary, especially if you are buying new ones. HSS tools will last much longer and require less time at the grinder. There is less chance of overheating the tool and drawing the temper at the grinder with HSS.
You may also bring additional tools, chucks, sharpening systems or special wood you wish to use or need assistance with.

Please contact Nick at with any tool or accessories questions.


A fully catered lunch is served every day and drinks and snacks are provided all day. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs. It is a good idea to make your lodging reservations well in advance.


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks extends a 10% discount to our students. Please contact Lie-Nielsen for more details.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email Kelly

(859) 986-5540