Participant information for Carving with Mary May


Mary sells Dastra brand tools and is offering a 10% discount to students. The tools can be either straight or fishtail, but if budget is not an issue, fishtails are preferred. If you already have several gouges and they do not exactly match the tool list, contact Mary and she will see if they can be substituted. She is also offering her instructional DVDs with matching plaster castings at a discount - the cost will be $20 per item, whether a DVD or casting. If you could let Mary know ahead of time if you are interested in purchasing anything, she can make sure she brings enough.

5 or 6mm v-chisel
#3, 3mm
#3, 6mm
#3, 12mm
#4, 12mm
#5, 14mm
#7, 14mm
#8, 10mm

Mary will be using diamond stones for sharpening - but any sharpening stones will do. If anybody has sharpening stones, strops, or slip stones, they can bring them. Mary will be bringing her own for people to use.

Things that might be handy (Mary will be bringing these as well)
* Carbon paper
* Scissors
* Calipers
* Compasses
* Pencils

Mary also suggests
* Fingerless biking gloves or weight-lifting gloves for hand protection


A fully catered lunch is served every day and drinks and snacks are provided all day. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs. It is a good idea to make your lodging reservations well in advance.


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks extends a 10% discount to our students. Please contact Lie-Nielsen for more details.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email Kelly

(859) 986-5540