Article featured in Woodworkers Journal, April 2003

Cabinet Saws: Shop Stalwart
by Kelly Mehler

Excerpt: "For the last five months, the outrageous scene in my shop has included nine new full-size cabinet saws. Why? So I could soak up enough information to help you make a wise, well-informed choice when you’re ready to invest." Click here to read the full article

Article featured in Popular Woodworking, June 2006

Craftsmanship Done Safely: Kelly Mehler's school refuses to sacrifice proper guarding when teaching proper woodworking.

Excerpt: "(Kelly's) teaching method is a balance of group explanations and one-on-one instruction. For each step of a project, Mehler gathers students together for a hands-on demonstration, then sets them to the task while offering assistance where needed. All the while, Mehler and his shop assistant keep a close watch to ensure everyone is working safely." Click here to read the full article

Article featured in Woodworker's Journal, June 2006

Crafting a Drop-Leaf Table.

Excerpt: "This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend the Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking in Berea, KY. The project that my six classmates and I tackled was a Shaker-inspired drop-leaf table. Under Kelly's watchful eye we milled, machined and dry-fitted our tables together. It was a wonderful week of woodworking that taught some of the finer subtleties of the craft."   Click here to read the full article

Table saw Splitters and Blade Covers

A survey of retrofit safety devices that are convenient to use

by Kelly Mehler

Standard table saw guard systems in the United States are no good. There, somebody has said it. Nearly every woodworker knows this, but we all have to listen to the experts remind us in books, magazines and on television to use our guards. They have removed the guards on their table saws, they tell us, so we can better see the operations they are demonstrating. Nonsense. The reason why they and so many woodworkers discard standard guards is because they are inconvenient.

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From the pages of Fine Woodworking Magazine


How a splitter works

Table saw splitters compared

Table saw blade covers compared

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