About Kelly

Kelly Mehler’s professional woodworking career spans 36 years. Kelly opened his commercial furniture making shop in 1978 in Berea, Kentucky, a town known for an abundance of local artisans. Kelly’s shop, located on Berea’s main street, was featured in The Workshop Book (Scott Landis, Taunton Press). Kelly’s woodworking business has been devoted to finely crafted custom pieces that emphasize the beauty of the natural color and grain of hardwoods. Kelly selects wood carefully, primarily from the abundant forest resources of the Appalachian region. Kelly’s trademark solid wood pieces use strikingly figured and matched wood that has been carefully air dried and sawed from a single tree.

Kelly’s formal training began at the University of Cincinnati’s Ohio College of Applied Science in 1974. He continued to study Industrial Arts at Berea College in Kentucky where he was mentored by instructor and wood turner Rude Osolnik.

Kelly Mehler lectures throughout the United States for woodworking guilds and as part of The Woodworking Shows. He is the author of The Tablesaw Book (1992/2002, Taunton Press). Kelly is featured in two Fine Woodworking videos, Build a Shaker Table With Kelly Mehlerand Mastering Your TablesawKelly has contributed numerous articles to Fine Woodworking magazine, and has been published in Wood magazine (Better Homes and Gardens), American Woodworker, Popular Woodworking, Woodworker’s Journal, Custom Woodworking Business magazine, and in the Time / Life woodworking book series.

A commitment to advise and educate woodworkers and manufacturers on table saw safety has been a strong interest of Kelly’s. Kelly formerly worked with the Standards Technical Panel of Underwriter’s Laboratory to encourage safer tablesaw guarding for all users.

Kelly’s experience as an instructor and his extensive knowledge of joinery and shop techniques make his teaching useful to participants at all levels of woodworking expertise.

Contact Kelly Mehler 1865 Big Hill Road, Berea, KY 40403 phone (859) 986-5540

email: kelly@kellymehler.com.